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The Jonathan Joseph Swindler Boutte Memorial Foundation was established in January 2019 to honor Jonathan Boutte’s life (1996-2019). During his short, but impactful life, he loved and honored all people. He was especially committed to helping improve the welfare of people in the African Diaspora.  Symbolically, at age 22, he had a tattoo of a Black Panther across each of his shoulders. In the middle of his chest were the words, “Black Love”.


We are a small foundation that seeks to uphold the humanity of Black people and actively interrupt systemic racism against people in the African Diaspora, with particular emphasis on African Americans. For a number of systemic reasons, not inherent to Black people themselves, people in the African Diaspora continue to face persistent and pervasive disparities. Examples of systemic racism include, but not limited to, systems such as education, politics, healthcare, economics, employment, government/law/legal system, media. The mission of the foundation is to address systematic voids by helping Africans in the Diaspora succeed despite structures in place to make it difficult for them to do so (e.g., inability to apply for federal financial aid when on probation). We spend time trying to educate recipients of the awards and expect them to help others in turn. We aim to:

  1. Assist African Americans with educational expenses such as tuition, tutoring, educational supplies, travel abroad to Africa, and other educational needs.

  2. Provide support for African Americans who have been jailed or incarcerated (e.g., provide monies for transportation; housing; legal assistance; healthcare; school and university fees; food; clothing, employment, or other needs).


The Jonathan Joseph Swindler Boutte Memorial Foundation will be widely accessible to African Americans and people in the African Diaspora whose social, educational, political, and  economic needs are least likely to be met in society.



Chief Executive Officer/President:  Dr. Gloria Swindler Boutte

Vice President: Stephanie Yolanda Boutte

Chief Financial Officer/ Treasurer: Dr. George Lee Johnson, Jr.

Secretary: Joel McKenzee Johnson


Advisory Board: (forthcoming)

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